lizgillz: #TBT gettin sprayed with water the other night. (i have a cold now)


*Hears footsteps towards my room* Please dont

Well, well, Hermione, you really are the brightest witch of your age I’ve ever met.


hp meme | three colours [1/3]
↳  yellow

Your ass looks incredible! And your head and body too!

My best friend - okay this one is so important; choose wisely, I got really lucky with mine.

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The mistakes I’ve made have made me be what I’m today and that’s why I do not believe in coincidence, everything happens for a reason.

I wasted so much time hating myself for the stupid mistakes that I made, but, the truth is that without all of those, I never would’ve dreamed this to be my future. I was the only one standing in the way of myself.

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Lauren for Glamoholic Magazine 


how dare u ignore me after ive made 0 attempts at talking to u

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W o a h. I know.
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